Monday, July 28, 2014

Melissa Harris Perry calls you a racist !

That's right the tampon lady herself overlooks the facts of the illegal alien invasion, insisting that they are all "children" and equating it with the racist 1960's!

She piles on the rhetoric in a style typical of a reckless, infantile demagogue with a story to fabricate on air, an ax to grind and a sick demented agenda to push at all cost. Of course it's hostile to all who disagree with her, equating Governor Rick Perry's calling upon the National Guard to assist in protecting our border with racist suppression of segregation in the 1960's calling upon the "full might" of the National Guard to attack children.

Harris Perry seems to have all kinds of problems with Texas and Texans, recall her donning of tampon earrings "in protest for women's reproductive rights".

What Perry wouldn't tell you, because she had to make it all about the "war on women and their reproductive rights" is that women were carrying 1000's of tampons and even attempted jars of urine and bags of feces to throw at Texas Law Makers. Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst "claimed to have seen bottles of urine and bags of feces". But please don't let that stop you Melissa, you are such a class act, so devoted to "journalism" that you'll exaggerate anything to create a story out of thin air, or wildly distorted facts, especially if you can kill the unborn or throw the race card in the process.  We're very used to your garbage paraded as "news".

This same vile creature attacked Mitt Romney's family and their adopted grandson, I guess the inference from their banter back and forth is that ONLY a black family should adopt a black child. They yucked it up and "Dean Obeidallah then attacks the child as token, “I think this picture is great. It really sums up the diversity of the Republican party, the RNC. At the convention, they find the one black person.”

Oh sure, she went on air the next day and gave a glorious tear-filled apology for her behavior, about as genuine in my opinion as her hair. She of course has an extra special "sixth sense" about when everyone else, or at least those who might disagree with her being "racist". She seems focused upon getting this message out with the wildest of stretches, turning Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday into an opportunity to regurgitate civil rights from an African-American perspective

Even the word Obamacare is racist, made up by "white people".

Then there is this little ditty, Melissa Harris-Perry declares Chechnyan Muslim terrorists to be literally Caucasian.

Then of course you will remember the flap when Harris Perry decided Justice Clarence Thomas didn't represent blacks and then defended her remarks a couple of days later, all while defending Obama's lack of women and minorities in high ranking positions in his second term Cabinet. She even "calls out" Justice Thomas on affirmative action.

I wonder what her mother thinks of all this?  Oh never mind, the important thing to know about Harris Perry is that IS BLACK ... um errr, she like Obama is half white, but never talks about it, and everyone who might disagree with her is a "racist". At least she's not a fake "Native American".

Or have I been eating paint chips again?

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